From north to south, and from coast to coast, your shipment is in good hands.

Intermodal - Container transport with chassis

Our Intermodal division is a direct result of the growing needs of our customers. We offer you more than 200 equipments such as flat bed trailers, standard or drop deck, curtain sided flatbed trailers, container frames, lowbed trucks and others.

Western Canada

We are also present in Western Canada, with all types of transportation. Between Manitoba and British Columbia, from Winnipeg to Vancouver, all of your destinations are on our way.

Cross-docking and high capacity forklift services

Our lift trucks of various capacities - including one with a lifting capacity of 40,000 kg. - can easily load or unload the containers for all of your transhipments needs.


Whether your need are for flat bed, drop deck, low-beds, RGN, B-train or enclosed trailer, either vans or curtain sided, your deliveries are carried out safely throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

Canada and United-States

Our US division services the entire country, mainly for transportation via flatbed trailer, low-bed and RGN, on top of regular trips and over dimensional deliveries. Our multi axles RGN double drop trailers with capacity of 11 axles can accommodate your loads up to 120,000 lbs.


Our qualified team of brokerage can also help you and ensure smooth delivery of your shipments to the United States, since we are THE transportation, material handling and logistics’ specialists.


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